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Slide We are not an event agency. We are experience engineers, a collective of like-minded dreamers.

We create a state where everything is possible bluring the border between magic and reality.

At beyond immersive we believe if you can dream it, we can create it.

We engineer experiences with one purpose to deliver transcendence, a lasting impact beyond the moments of the event.

We can be your dreamers and makers, creating a world with no limits, filled with inspiration, passion and purpose.
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Slide Wanderlust is real.

People don’t party anymore for the sake of it.

They get together to reenergise, get inspired and get that bit of magic, that is lacking in the conventional world.

We believe if you can dream it, you can live it.
We create and curate events, that tell a story, celebrate human kind, and open minds.

Our special ingredient are our guests. We only accept those, who are brave, open, and can teach you something you don’t yet know.
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T R E Our aim is to go beyond what we know, expanding consciousness.
Personal education and evolution doesn’t have to happen through mundane practices and an endless race of self-improvement.
We’ve know that everyone is just one thought away from a leap that can change everything.
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Slide V Freedom of expression and a willingness to create with no agenda is the key ingredient in a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life.

We’ve discovered a formula, to give that freedom of thought to anyone, who is willing to come with us.

We design and hosts retreats, both for artist and organisations, that are looking for this next step in their progress.
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